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Animation & VFX Design
Transforming skills into careers

Animation equals to anything in motion of 2D or 3D creative/innovative artwork. Blossoming animation industry in India is expected to be exceeded by USD 1 billion in upcoming years. But lack of trained talents makes animation film design as a required and thirsty carrier option to innovative and upcoming talents.

India is already showing that it can provide the talent and entrepreneurial drive in this Industry with companies that played a major role in production of films like Avatar and Life of Pi. Movies such as Krish and Ra.One in the Indian film industry are making increased use of animation and VFX techniques. India also needs to look inwards at the immense potential there is to convert comic book cartoon characters like Chacha Choudhary. You have already seen success with animated versions of Ramayana, Chota Bheem and Bal Hanuman. Not to mention the possibilities with the expanding games and new media smart phone content.

The use of animation and VFX has certainly caught the fancy of audiences young and old, and has changed the way entertainment was perceived before. With the technological revolution hitting the sources of entertainment devices and services, a career in animation is certainly a thing of future. To become a successful professional in the field of animation and VFX film-making, it is of utmost importance to understand that the industry is all about the art of effective storytelling. Aspiring youth aiming for a career in animation and VFX filmmaking should have creative aptitude - that is a basic requirement in order to excel in the field.

Industry Scope:

Over the years, the Animation & VFX industry has seen the entry of many global majors who have tapped into India's talent pool for offshore delivery of services. While initial work offshored to India was low end and support oriented, India is now seen as a leading destination for high end, skill based activities. As a result, there has been an uptake of activities around co-production of animation movies that involve participation of Indian studios across the value chain.

Career Prospects:

IAnimation and visual effects industry in India has a very optimistic future, not only with the film industry UK, USA and games companies who are always looking for a talented, young and enthusiastic workforce, but also India has its own huge film and media industry. You could see this in adverts for Amul butter, they have come and long way in the last decade or so. As the general public expects films and other media to become more sophisticated, more animation and visual effects artists will be needed.

Students today can explore a successful career not only in animation and VFX studios, but also in the fields of advertising, gaming, live action film making, comics, designing and many more exiting media activities that they may be inclined to.

If you can draw a straight line, can visualise shapes and objects, and have a keen interest in story-telling for a humongous audience, then animation is the career for you. From creative pursuits such as making animation films and creating those special effects in Matrix, to scientific applications of architecture-based software, studying animation is like walking the tight rope between art and science. Job Profiles: Visualiser, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Storyboard Artist, Flash Animator, 2D Digital Animator, 3D Artist, 3D Modeller, Texturing Artist, Lighting Artist, Rigging Artist, 3D Animator, Rendering Artist, Compositing VFX Artist.