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About Brainz
Transforming skills into careers

BrainZ the Institute for Design is bridging the art and design disciplines.

BrainZ is one of the finest educational institutions for Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT Integrated Design. The possessors of BrainZ Design Institute have been in the design education around for over 17 years. We've been highly awarded and applauded for the quality of our graduates.

A pioneer in art and design education since its founding, BrainZ has cultivated outstanding artists, designers, IT professionals and entrepreneurs. Today, when design thinking is increasingly being employed to solve complex global problems, BrainZ is leading new approaches to art and design education.

BrainZ has been formed with a mission to work towards qualitative improvement in India's design educational system. BrainZ is achieving this by building a team of people who have been exceptional designers, educationalists, professionals and entrepreneurs, who will continuously build expertise by networking, reading, documenting best practices and devising and sharing solutions focused on quality improvement and effective learning. This team offers quality training to the students and professionals as well.

Academic Team

The BrainZ team consists of professionals who have vast experience in the area of design education. Its team members have taught in leading design colleges and schools, been members of the design council and designed and taught courses at the school as well as teacher-training level.

Academic Council @ BrainZ

Selected eminent and visionary people on BrainZ Academic Council guide it on issues like program content, curriculum, industry orientation, academic policies and future directions with one aim- to make design education more relevant and contemporary. The members of the committee review all programmes to ensure high standards of academic delivery. The committee also determines and verifies outcomes for the various modules taught in the programmes.

BrainZ Advantage

BrainZ is Gujarat’s leader in Design & IT education. BrainZ focuses on developing creativity through the use of world-class teaching methods.

  • Unique Training Methodology
  • Globally Recognized Curriculum
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Cutting Edge Training Skills
  • Industry Drawn Faculty
  • Industry Endorsed Qualifications
  • Dynamic E-learning Environment

In-demand courses
Over the years, BrainZ founders have developed an extensive network of contacts in the design & animation industry, both in India and overseas. Based on their market demand estimates, BrainZ designs & offers the most relevant, updated course curriculum.

Faculty with industry experience
BrainZ faculties are industry-certified, with experience of working in animation studios and/or film making. Faculty performance is continuously evaluated & they are trained in the latest technology so that their knowledge is constantly upgraded.

Teaching methodology
BrainZ follows an Intuitive Teaching Philosophy that focuses on concepts & techniques so as to lay a strong foundation in technology and execution. Each course includes classroom learning as also practical implementation. Students get round-the-clock access to labs to practice what was taught in the classroom, to create projects & build their work portfolio.