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Interior Design
Transforming skills into careers

Interior designing is the art of developing interiors from desk till movie theatres. BrainZ spouts from you the creative designer who are aesthetically appealing, technically sophisticated and satisfying the needs of the customer. Also We help you to be in colors with imagination, creation and artistic to meet the requirement of individual customers with changing time.

Disciplined atmosphere at BrainZ will create the inner designer to be disciplined, organized, skilled and scientifically inclined. Interior design falls within the broader category of design – the professional area of activity concerned with planning and developing a wide variety of objects and spaces.

It includes the planning and design of spaces for commercial, industrial and institutional uses. This guide to an interior design career will throw light on the interior designer profession. Find out the qualifications that are needed and the gamut of activities that are involved.

Industry Scope:

Growing population, rising income, urbanization and rapid IT growth are the key drivers for the US$ 48 billion Indian real estate sector that is driving the need of interior designers in India. The degree encourages the student to develop imaginative, responsible solutions to problems created by social needs and economic constraints. Acquaints students with the material and physical limitations of the built environment. Learn necessary skills including computer-aided design, architectural drawing and rendering.

Career Prospects:

Growing demand due to overall boom in the construction sector. With growing Indian economy, Interior Designing is an exciting career prospect. Career prospects range from starting a firm and taking up projects, to working as a designer for malls, hotels and design companies. Interior designers are also employed by big architectural firms to cope with project load. Interior designers work in a wide range of environments, including restaurants, hotels, stores, offices, airports, hospitals and homes. Commercial Interior Designer, Residential Interior, Designer, Institutional Interior Designer, Exhibition Designer, Furniture Designer, Design Consultant, Lighting Designer, CAD Designer, Architectural Visualiser.