Admissions 2021-22
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Fashion Design
Transforming skills into careers

BrainZ provide you with global level thinkers who are aiming for the Apparel industry. You are enhanced with commercial, industrial, styles and viability. Counting from the orientation till the textile knowledge, student is provided with theory and practical sessions.

As recommended under trained faculties, one shall explore the individual context towards fashion in every possible aspect and perspective. From local restrains till the international level, BrainZ will get you through with fine line.

Fashion course shall introduce yourself through portfolio which meets by every viewpoint extent to meet the industry requirements and it’s changing phases.

Industry Scope:

Fashion design is the product development activity of the commercial clothing industries, expected to create additional employment opportunities for over 1,00,000 skilled professionals by Comming Years- a glamorous, exciting and very lucrative field indeed. A glamorous, exciting and very lucrative field. A fast moving and highly diverse international sector. Enables specialized skills, provides in-depth knowledge of the field and critical understanding of the fashion environment. With local brands going global, there is opportunity for talented designers to create international fashion. Indian Fashion Industry stands at around Rs. 290 crore and is expected to grow more than double. The Industry is expected to create additional employment opportunities for over 1,00,000 skilled professionals like fashion designer, merchandisers, etc.

Career Prospects:

Work across a wide spectrum of careers in fashion- as independent/ company designer, freelancer and consultant. Career opportunities include clothing design companies, supermarket chains and fashion/ garment boutiques, garment/ textile/ handloom exporters, retail and wholesale garment businesses in men's/ women's/ children’s clothing, in sportswear/ casual wear, haute couture, accessories designing, etc. Jobs are also available with businesses dealing with marketing, promotion and styling, merchandising and costume designing for stage and screen, film production companies, television channels, fashion show organizers and fashion media, etc.